Hemlock Preserve Update & New Holly Springs Greenway Signage!

Onsite development is progressing as planned! Our development crews are taking advantage of all the dry weather and are working hard to get this site completed and ready for home construction. All the stormwater infrastructure has been completed, and our onsite teams are working to finish installation of Town of Holly Springs water utilities.

The Bass Lake road widening has been graded, and crushed stone laid. In the next few days we expect the newly widened road to be paved, followed quickly by the neighborhood roads: Congleton Way and Holbrook Lane. We are targeting full pavement by mid-July!

Hemlock Preserve is very excited to be one of the first sites to install the new Town of Holly Springs Greenway Signage! The new signage is fresh, colorful, and will help clearly mark the trails and directions. Take a look below at the new marker elevations!

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